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    Door D. K. Geplaatst op 06/Mar/2020 :

    Aanhef : PainKiller xl
    Commentaar : very easy to grow, I recommend it for beginners

    Door Y. M. Geplaatst op 04/Mar/2020 :

    Aanhef : Going well
    Commentaar : Just germinated the seeds, all went well, hoping for good yields!

    Door G. A. Geplaatst op 28/Feb/2020 :

    Aanhef : buono
    Commentaar : consegna veloce, imballo eccellente e tutto germinato bene e in crescita fino ad ora.

    Door L. W. Geplaatst op 20/Feb/2020 :

    Aanhef : Spitzen Pflanze
    Commentaar : Pk XL ist sehr gut zu züchten, sie schmeckt angenehm und wer sie raucht/dampft wird wahnsinnig gut runtergefahren, sie dreht nicht im Kopf und ist ein heimlicher Star, beruhigend und easy

    Door J. P. Geplaatst op 14/Jan/2020 :

    Aanhef : vivement l'été
    Commentaar : j'ai reçu rapidement les graines. Elles seront plantées en juin. j'ai bon espoir d'arriver à soulager les maux de ma douce.

    Door D. K. Geplaatst op 27/Dec/2019 :

    Aanhef : Thank you.
    Commentaar : Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with both your product and service. Exceptional... 10/10

    Door A. P. Geplaatst op 19/Dec/2019 :

    Aanhef : Pain relief
    Commentaar : Having been suffering with joint pain for a long time now I decided to try CBD for medicinal purposes. Bought these seeds from a local shop, planted in soil and after around a week it sprouted. It then grew nicely throughout the summer, seemed resilient to pests (was in a pot, in the garden) and produced lots of buds and sticky resin. Sadly bad weather at the end of summer forced me to transfer into a pvc greenhouse. I hadn’t realised just how much condensation would occur, and how that very quickly led to mold. About 85% of the buds had to be scrapped but I managed to salvage around 15g. I’ve vaped it and found that it has definitely helped with a lot of the joint pain almost immediately which was a nice surprise. Will try more of the same. Nicely packed in blister pack.

    Door J. M. Geplaatst op 16/Dec/2019 :

    Aanhef : Schneller Versand, Qualität stimmt
    Commentaar : Kann zu Anbau und Wirkung zwar noch nichts sagen, habe sie erst heute mit der Post bekommen, sie werden aber auf jeden Fall in der kommenden Saison ihr Potential zeigen müssen.

    Door J. V. Geplaatst op 20/Nov/2019 :

    Aanhef : Snel verzonden en ontvangen.
    Commentaar : Na 2 dagen laten kiemen in het water heb ik het zaadje in de grond gedaan en binnen enkele dagen was zijn kopje al boven.

    Door B. M. Geplaatst op 23/Sep/2019 :

    Aanhef : Wonderful service - good growth
    Commentaar : Fast delivery, excellent packaging and all germinated nicely and growing well so far. Can't wait to try this strain - should be something nice to look forward to.

    Door T. I. Geplaatst op 23/Aug/2019 :

    Aanhef : Kinda..ok?
    Commentaar : Out of the 4 strains that I bought here this seems to the weakest and the slowest. I don't say it's bad just... Not as good as others. (For me)

    Door M. S. Geplaatst op 25/Jul/2019 :

    Aanhef : Wow!
    Commentaar : Expected nothing special, tried growing them just for fun. All germinated, small harvest, as growing conditions were too cool . But: effect is phantastic. Uplifting feeling. Mild, soothing mental euphoria, as stated in the description hits the nail on the head. CBD effect is quite positive and vibrant. Plus: awrsome taste that lasts long. Kinda like honey. Defo a discovery. Love it!

    Door L. V. Geplaatst op 10/Jun/2019 :

    Aanhef : Excellent service
    Commentaar : I have ordered RS seeds , without tracking, for the first time. Murphy's law : they were never delivered. RS proposed to send new seeds for free. This was beyond my expectations! Thank you for the trust ! RS is now my trusted supplier. Thank you.

    Door M. S. Geplaatst op 23/May/2019 :

    Aanhef : medal results
    Commentaar : under the Polish sky in 2018 it has grown to 2.5 meters. Good Polish fertile lands make miracles

    Door R. B. Geplaatst op 23/May/2019 :

    Aanhef : PainKiller XL
    Commentaar : Fast delivery,good customer service Looking forward to do more business in the future....thanks .

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